Couples Halloween Costumes, By Relationship Status

Once I cried after a breakup. It wasn't about the boy himself — it was because I'd bought us matching Mickey and Minnie Mouse Halloween costumes, and knew I'd never get a refund. I even had a mouse pun Instagram caption planned! The tragedy! Matching costumes were really too much, too soon for us.
There's something about the blood-chilling holiday of Halloween that makes you want to dress your S.O. up in a ridiculous garb that matches your own. And if they're willing to go through with it, it can be sexy as hell.
While the couples costume thing didn't work out for me, it might for you. I can't help you find a partner willing to dress up as Mr. Potato Head, but I sure can provide you with an affordable costume when you find them. And, I'm here to help you avoid the mistakes I made. Here are some costume options from Amazon that will work for every point in your relationship, from the early phases to marriage.

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