What Belting Your Coat Says About You

In your closet, there's perhaps nothing more temporary than a coat. Not only is it seasonal, it's also just for the outdoors. You peel it off as soon as it becomes unnecessary and wait until the last second to put it on again. All this is why the idea of belting a coat seems so counterintuitive...and why it's also so compelling.
A belted coat says, "Hey, I like how this looks so much I'm going to commit to it in a way that you can't commit to yours." A belted coat presents the possibility that you might leave your coat on all day long. It says that you consider your outside outfit just as important as your inside one, which is a statement most people can't make.
Beyond the above, belting your coat can help you define your shape under multiple layers and visually break up what's typically a large expanse of the same color and texture. So, rad or bad — what's your take?

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