YouTube Beauty Gurus Talk Fame, Fortune, & The Art Of Vlogging

There's a typical flow that happens between celebrities and brands. Brand gets big, taps major celebrity for an endorsement deal, celeb suddenly starts wearing nothing but said brand, and consumers flock to stores to buy it. It's a relationship that has existed since Esteé Lauder herself first started dropping her products into the bags of Hollywood stars — and we've accepted it as the status quo.
But, what happens when those celebrities became famous by endorsing products they actually use and not ones they were paid to talk about? What if that "celebrity" is actually a young girl, sitting in front of her computer, talking to a camera about how to twist your hair into the perfect milkmaid braid? What happens to the relationship, then — and how are brands supposed to compete with these young ladies?
Let's call it the "YouTube Paradox." These are girls who started creating videos as hobbies but have spun them into successful careers via the infamous video-sharing site. They're now forces to be reckoned with, boasting viewerships in the hundred thousands and drawing crowds of fans by the millions whenever they make public appearances.
While some of these women have influence and subscriber lists that continue to grow, mass-market beauty brands are struggling to keep up. Many major companies struggle to hit that 50,000-subscriber mark, but most beauty vloggers have gazelled easily over 100,000 — and are still growing in leaps and bounds. So, what's the secret?
We went right to the source to get the answer. Ahead, find seven YouTube beauty vloggers who are now bona fide celebrities, right off their visit to BeautyCon, the Super Bowl for makeup, hair, and nail vloggers. They're sharing their thoughts on YouTube, why their personal brands are so successful, and how major beauty companies can attempt to keep pace. These are some ladies you're going to want to keep your eye on...
And, tell us below: Who are some of your favorite beauty vloggers, and why do you love them so darn much?

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