Beauty Rituals Of 3 Total Babes

Routines get a bad rap. So often we're encouraged to "shake things up" or "get out of that rut." But, for many, these daily habits are necessary. They help reduce stress, keep us organized, and prepare us for what's next. You might even call these routines rituals, and they help us get through the day.
So, to get some insight into others' day-to-day customs, we tapped three inspiring women and asked them to share theirs. But, these aren't your typical beauty gurus spewing out a list of products. We chatted with three unique ladies — a model, a fashion designer, and an editor-in-chief — and took their days an hour at a time to learn what they do for themselves every morning, noon, and night.
What we found was that while everyone's rituals were very different, they share one thing in common: They're a comfort and something that can set the tone and mood for the type of day or night you'll have in front of you.
The three ladies ahead even got us so inspired that we're on the lookout for more powerful women to share their routines with us. Keep an eye out for future Morning, Noon, & Night columns in the coming weeks.

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