The Beauty Lies You Need To STOP Believing Now

There's a lot of misinformation floating around the beauty industry — on subjects from how often we should wash our hair to whether this lipstick goes with that eyeshadow. Since the beauty world is so subjective and offers plenty of highly personal choices, it's no wonder we always hear "facts" that aren't 100% true. Ask 10 pros a question, and you'll get 10 different answers — which can prove both frustrating and extremely informative.
While beauty ideologies come and go, certain "rules" are so pervasive that they've begun dictating how the vast majority of people make themselves up in the morning. And since we here at R29 are all about breaking rules, we decided to take on 29 of these "truths" and expose them for what they really are: big fat fibs.
Ahead, find 29 ways the beauty industry has been lying to you — and what the real truths are.

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