Hungover? These Makeup Looks Are For You

Photographed by Jacqueline Harriet
There are people in the world whose makeup looks fantastic 24 hours a day. Come rainstorm or tequila storm, work party or dance party, their liners and lipsticks stay put. They're never shiny, and their Instagrams look top-notch no matter the hour they're posted.

We are not those people. After a night of dancing and sweating, our liner is smudged and our lipstick is on our teeth. And it's not for lack of trying to keep things looking tight. We just would rather have that fourth shot of Fireball than go to the bathroom and check our mascara. And there's nothing wrong with that — just like there's nothing wrong with not-so-subtly reapplying your lipstick in the middle of a crowded bar.

For us, the term hot mess isn't an insult. Hey, they're saying we're a hot mess, right? So we decided to come up with a handful of beauty looks that are still rockin' when the overwhelming desire for disco fries hits at 7 a.m. — creased shadows, smudged liners, frizzy strands and all. We tapped hairstylist Nate Rosenkranz and makeup artist Misuzu Miyake to whip up a quad of beauty looks on our dream girl gang. The only rule? These styles had to be ones that would look decent, albeit a little lived-in, after a long night.

Ahead, find the looks that emphasize the "hot" in hot mess. Yeah — we're taking that phrase back.

Special thanks to Big Daddy's restaurant.

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