What Happened When I Switched To A Drugstore Beauty Routine

It's no secret that beauty editors get to try a lot of products — many of them so pricey that, even if they're amazing, they aren't things a lot of us would actually buy on the regular. Working in beauty doesn't necessarily translate to bigger paychecks or less financial responsibilities than anyone else, after all.
So, I decided to spend a week on a beauty budget — treating my once no-holds-barred routine to some much-needed frugality. It didn't necessarily mean using less (I am a beauty editor, after all), but it did mean spending less. From my hair to my nails, I would only buy drugstore products and see what hidden gems I'd unearth in the process.
What did I learn? Some discoveries were super exciting (like an amazing matte red lipstick and a face wash that zapped a breakout — both under $7 each). Others were less triumphant (I didn't find a foundation or shampoo I liked, which is a bummer). Of course, it was only a week, so I couldn't try everything, but a lot of what I did fall for made the effort worth it.
Ahead, the lessons I learned during my drugstore-only beauty week.

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