The 29 Most Beautiful Rooms On Instagram

Oh, the joys of Instagram. Not only can you waste countless hours ogling celebrity selfies and trolling your latest crush; you also get the opportunity to peek inside some insanely gorgeous living spaces. That way, when North West's luxurious lifestyle (and pics of your best friend’s brunch) aren’t giving you enough IG envy for the afternoon, you’re always a couple of clicks away from an awesome interior to get lost in.

And as you know, dreaming is only the half the fun of Insta. Just because you can’t afford the exact same furniture as your online favorites doesn’t mean you can’t recreate a similar style for yourself. The real beauty of social media is all of the endless inspiration it has offer; no Black Card required.

So for a little pre-weekend motivation, we’ve gathered 29 of the most magical rooms we could find on Instagram. Scroll ahead for our selects — and hopefully, some ideas for revamping your own place.
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Photo: @charlottehlucas via @dominomag.
A little graphic detail goes a long way.
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Photo: via @claireesparros for @homepolish.
Sheer curtains and no-frill furnishings keep the vibe nice and chill.
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Photo: via @dekardesign.
Gilded frames and plush throw pillows add a whole lot of luxury to a room without overwhelming it.
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Photo: via @em_henderson.
Funny how something as simple as a fuzzy throw can make you rethink all of your own seating.
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Photo: @eyeswoon via @jennikayne.
Draw design inspo from the natural environment and transform your bathroom into an eco-friendly sanctuary.
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Photo: via @Jennikayne.
A flashy wall hanging — instead of a traditional headboard — might be the only bedroom décor you need.
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Photo: via @juliarobbs for @homepolish.
Keep your color palette clean and go crazy with prints.
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Photo: via @kapitomullerinterior.
Just sit back and let the lines shine.
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Photo: via @designsponge.
When it comes to charming prints, we say go big or home.
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Photo: via @kristianirey.
Organic accessories and lush fabrics are every bit as comfortable as they are cool.
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Photo: via @nickolsenstyle.
Nothing like a couple pops of well-coordinated color to bring a room to life.
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Photo: @remodelista via @dominomag.
An all-white room allows a vivid painting to take center stage.
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Photo: via @RomanandWilliams.
Black floors are a sexy way to offset neutral walls.
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Photo: via @ryanliebe for @em_henderson.
An eye-catching rug and some thoughtful lighting work wonders in a small dining space.
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Photo: via @stylizimoblog.
Stick with earth-toned surroundings and let the shapely silhouettes do the talking.
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Photo: @tessaneustadt via @homepolish.
A soothing photo sets a relaxed mood — and makes us want to jump right in!
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Photo: via @wineinger via @designsponge.
Who knew black and white stripes could dress a kitchen up so quickly?
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Photo: via @HomePolish.
A swanky chandelier brings a whole new level of elegance to a living room.
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Photo: via @HomePolish.
An oversized piece of art can double as a dope backdrop.
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Photo: via @_halcyonhouse.
Books organized by spine color create a centerpiece for a muted space.
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Photo: via @kellywearstler.
This room’s got us singing the blues.
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Photo: via @TappanCollective.
If you can’t see the world through a rose-colored lens, why not warm things up with a blush-hued bulb?
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Photo: via @HomePolish.
Seriously, what doesn’t a gallery wall make better?
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Photo: via @myscandinavianhome.
Never underestimate the power of a few potted plants.
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Photo: via @kellywearstler.
Sunny orange accessories — like the seating in this Kelly Wearstler-designed spot — instantly brighten up a space.
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Photo: via @myscandinavianhome.
Leave it to the Scandinavians to design a streamlined living room that still feels eclectic.
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Photo: via @HomePolish.
Layer buttery tones and rich textiles for a super-luxe look.
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Photo: via @RyanKorban.
Pure. Pink. Perfection.
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Photo: via @kapitomullerinterior.
One pretty pattern can pull a whole room together.

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