A Beard-Growing Competition Brings Even More Facial Fuzz To Brooklyn

We won't hide it — we love ourselves a little scruff. In fact, we consider a little five o'clock shadow to be a man's best accessory, and a full beard with sideburns? On the right guy, it's a total turn-on. For all of you bead-lovers and Movember participants, the Gotham City Beard Alliance (yes, we're stoked such a thing exists) is throwing the second annual NYC Beard Competition, where facial-fuzz aficionados will compete to see who's hair reigns supreme. Contestants can enter a variety of categories such as "Natural Beard," "99% Beard (formally, "The Recession Beard")," "Free Style," and "Fake." While we're not exactly sure what "Free Style" means, we're certainly intrigued and hope that there will be some sculpting going on — perhaps Lady Gaga's visage carved into the hair like some kind of strange Mount Rushmore? Women are also encouraged to enter the contest, and all proceeds from the event benefit the Keep-a-Breast Foundation. Plus, there will be other fun treats as well, like go-go dancers and costumes. As for the nitty-gritty, tickets are $15 at the door, and you can register here to enter the competition. We're expecting a crazy-good time like it's Halloween all over again, except a Halloween where everyone dresses up like Cousin Itt dressed up for Halloween. Either way, we're totally in. (Gothamist)
nov2811beard Photo: Via Gothamist