The Pups Of Refinery29 Tested Out Bearaby’s New Dog Bed

We basically have Bearaby to thank for making weighted blankets a thing. (I myself own three — which is a normal amount to have, right?) So when word got out that the beloved brand was getting into the pet category, we were naturally all over it. However, the Pupper Pod isn't your average dog bed. It's equal parts pet wellness and comfort and is "mindfully designed" to create a safe, cozy environment to help alleviate anxiety and nervous behavior. Plus, the neutral colorways (a soft grey, navy blue, and petal pink) will please any (human) design snob, and won't disrupt your apartment décor.
For now, it's available in two sizes — small and medium — which retail for $199 and $239, respectively. (The medium can comfortably fit doggos up to 40 pounds.) To put the new launch to the ultimate test, we enlisted the R29 shopping team's four-legged companions (who vary in breed, size, and age) to see if the Pupper Pod is as comfy as it looks.

Chicken Nugget

Photo: Courtesy of Becca Sax
Age: 17 months
Breed: Terrier mix
"Chicken Nugget has bad separation anxiety. Like, the kind of anxiety that had me getting vet-prescribed medications to help her relax before stressful events type of bad. When I saw how the Pupper Pod is an all-natural tool to help calm and create a safe space for your pet, I just had to have one. The aesthetic design, neutral color options, and ease of cleaning didn’t hurt my desire for the bed either. Who doesn’t love a machine-washable dog bed?
Nugget was very hesitant at first, but after about two days of it being in my room, she finally started to curl into a little loaf of cuteness on the bed. In fact, I haven’t seen her lay in her other bed since then. While two days to get used to the Bearaby bed may seem like a lot, it is much better than when I tried introducing a previous bed, which Nugget welcomed by leaving a big, wet gift for me to clean up. While the price tag is a bit steep, I spare no expense to give my precious baby the most comfortable life she can have. I opted for the Evening Rose color, a pretty pink to match my décor. From the packaging to the design of the bed, everything screamed cozy. I love how the bed comes with its own carrying case to make it easily transportable. The bed itself was super easy to put together and take apart for cleaning, although keeping it together is another story. Nugget is quite mischievous and she loves digging so keeping the braided piece around the bed was initially a struggle as Nugget was learning that it was a bed.
The Pupper Pod has endured some chewing as well, which has held up well despite my baby’s razor-sharp teeth — I’m impressed with the quality. Overall, I am super happy with the Pupper Pod so far and think this is a great investment for your best furry friend. I’ll definitely be recommending it to other pet parents with anxious pups!" – Becca Sax


Photo: Courtesy of Karina Hoshikawa
Age: 4
Breed: Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix
"My rescue pomchi, Miso, is as pampered as it gets. During the day, he lounges on his plush Casper bed, before retiring to my own Casper bed to park his 10-pound body right above my pillow while I sleep. (He’s secretly a cat.) As a Bearaby fan, I sleep with a 15-pound Tree Napper weighted blanket nightly; Miso likes the blanket's signature chunky knit, romping around the surface in the morning and poking his little snoot in the holes.
For the purposes of testing out the new Pupper Pod, we opted for the Moonstone Grey shade in Small. The cushioned bolster base was separate from the braided edge (which is like a circular piece that wraps around the bottom portion), making it easy to pack up and go. He was immediately intrigued when I set it up for him and wasted no time hopping in and getting comfy. The sides of the Pupper Pod were the perfect height for him to rest his head on, and I could tell he was feeling snug as a bug when he started to fall asleep, curled into an adorable fluffy ball.
All in all, I think Bearaby’s pet oasis is perfect for casual lounging and travel (since it comes with a canvas bag for storage), but may not replace his day bed (or night bed, for that matter) just yet. Best of all, if you already own a Bearaby blanket (or three…), consider it the coziest way to coordinate with your fur baby." – Karina Hoshikawa


Photo: Courtesy of Charlotte Lewis
Age: 10
Breed: Maltipoo mix

"Rory is picky about a lot of things: What she eats, who she cuddles with, etc. But one thing she has never been particularly precious about is where she sleeps. (She's never met a surface she didn't want to rest her head on!) So, color me confused when she actively refused to sit on the Pupper Pod. I laid the bed out in our living room and was delighted by how cute it was. The grey color and braided detailing looked so much chicer than the pink fluffy monstrosity that sat beside it. Plus, it was firm but still soft to the touch and would supposedly soothe her anxiety and help her sleep better (not that she really needs help with that). But Rory simply sniffed the Pod and fell asleep on the floor, completely unimpressed. Heartbroken but still hopeful, I decided to move the Pod from the living room into our office where my partner works from home. I figured it would be out of the way but Rory could still find it if she needed.
After two whole weeks, Rory finally sniffed it again and climbed right in where she promptly fell asleep for hours. Now, I can't get her out of it. I don't know if it just smelled a certain way upon arrival and needed to be aired out, or if she just needed to find it in her own time, but Rory is a fan. And I personally love the way the Pod looks in the office; plus, you can never have enough dog beds — Rory, princess that she is, now has one in every room of our apartment. But the Pod is firmly fixed in her bed rotation, and given how loud she was snoring, I'd say the deeper and better sleep claims were accurate as well." – Charlotte Lewis
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