Don’t Worry, Guys—Brother Jimmy’s Is Open Today

Now that Superstorm #Sandy has finally passed through, it's time to take stock of the city. We've already marveled at the breathtaking pictures, worried about the subways, and browsed social media. And now, we don't know about you, but we've worked up quite an appetite — and those Pizza Rolls and Doritos aren't quite as appetizing as they were last night.
Assuming your 'hood is safe (make sure to check for downed power lines, precarious trees, and avoid puddles!), you're probably looking to get out and explore the area in search of food and drink. Luckily, Grub Street has taken on the painstaking task of calling all kinds of local business, and they've rounded up a list of open bars and restos. If you're in Midtown, you've got the most options (hello, Shake Shack!), and if you're on the UES, looks like Brother Jimmy's is your only hope. Fish bowls and wings will be at the ready starting at 4 p.m. today, and we can imagine it will be as crawling with frat bros as, well, Brother Jimmy's.
Click through to check out the list in its entirety, and let us know in the comments which establishments you've been able to make it to safely! (Grub Street)

Photo: Via Grub Street