American Apparel’s “Underage” Model Was Actually 23

It seems appropriate that American Apparel is ending the year with a ban; the notoriously porny basics brand responded today to a British Advertising Standards Authority ban on one of the brand's ads that ran on the back of Vice magazine, a free publication that's found in AA stores. The offending image depicted an "offensive and irresponsible" image that "appeared to sexualize a child." However, dressed in a cowl-necked sweater, Lolita socks, and — thank goodness — underwear, the model was actually 23 years old and the longtime girlfriend of the photographer, Henrik Purienne.
Said American Apparel's director of marketing, Ryan Holiday, "It's unfortunate that the ASA has made this ruling as our models are of age and were featured in Vice magazine, a publication clearly intended for mature, fashion-forward audiences. We'll abide by this ruling as we have in the past with similar ASA decisions, but American Apparel will not be altering our classic advertising aesthetic, which is internationally recognized for its artistic and social values."
So — we'll see you and your crotch shots again in 2013, AA. Happy holidays! (WWD)

Photo: Via American Apparel

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