Eat As Many Calories As You Want With Sweet Treats That Do The World A Lot Of Good

Confession: we might be too old to go hunting for Easter eggs, but that doesn't mean we're not tempted to give those tots a run for their sweets. Good thing we found out about Emily Dubner's NYC-based,online bakery, Baking for Good, which is offering scrumptious Easter baked goodies that young and old alike can savor. Emily's whoopie pies, iced cookies, and brownies are all made with natural, organic, local and seasonal ingredients (she even offers gluten-free and vegan options), and are seriously delicious. We would feel guilty for admitting we've been munching on them constantly, but in this case, we're forgiven for sinning—Emily donates 15% of every purchase to the charity of your choice, making these treats utterly irresistible, especially the adorably-themed Easter cookies! Now go forth and spread the word.