Now You, Too, Can Have a $1M Manicure (Sort Of)

This month, fine jewelry brand Azature shocked beauty bargain lovers everywhere with a diamond-infused nail polish that retails for a whopping one million big ones. The polish, which contains 1,400 white diamonds set in a platinum cap (what else?), is one of those products that we can't really picture ourselves actually using...though, who knows what life would be like if that sort of thing were an option.
If you're one of the alleged many women who felt heartbroken that million-dollar nail polish would never be part of their beauty routine, worry not: Azature has released a more affordable line of diamond-infused nail polishes so that we plebeians can have an iced-out mani, too. Granted, it's still not what we'd classify as a cheapie by any means, but hey. At $25 for something that contains a black diamond, you could do worse.
Click through to see the sparkle-tastic shades, and let us know your thoughts on this diamond polish for the people.