5 Things To Know This AM — Sep 24 2010

Now they're more deets on New York City's first gay hotel. Besides the ridiculously huge, already guaranteed to be a shit-show dance club (capacity:1,200), notorious transvestite Amanda Lepore has a free room for life. (Curbed)
Twitter is ashamed of their NYC office. Can't they afford something a little nicer? (Gawker)
Looks like Bloomberg needs to make a couple more billion—Forbes just announced that the mayor is no longer the wealthiest dude in NYC. So who's the loot master? Oil man David Koch, who basically funds the Tea Party. Sorry to be partisan, but we hope his reign at the top doesn't last too long. (Huffington Post)
The W Downtown hotel may become a NBA dorm. Well, at least two floors. Just like college, eh? (New York Post)
Everything you need to know about Tim Gunn's new book. Apparently Diane von Fursternberg loves hot dogs. (The Cut)

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