The Craziest Hangover Cure Ever From Musician Aska Matsumiya: Swimming And Truffle Fries

Aska Matsumiya, Musician and Artist
She may hail from Japan, but the multi-talented, Aska Matsumiya, has taken to the Los Angeles arts, music, and nightlife scene as if she were born into it. A combination of local word of mouth and some serious sonic chops has put this musician, film composer, and visual artist on the cusp of something very, very big. Whether you’ll hear or see her work (or just run into her stylish self on a night out), you’d best get to know this young L.A. lady, her wardrobe strategies, and her favorite all-night hotline. Read on.
So, how do you gear up for a night out in L.A.? Like, what’s your style strategy?
“I always put on an outfit that makes you act out a character you want to be for the night. If I feel like being wild, I’ll put on a short leather skirt by All Saints with an oversized vintage T-shirt and Supreme work jacket. Think Natalie Portman's look from The Professional. If I need to be more ladylike, I always end up going for preppy Godard look, maybe with a dress from Courrèges.”
And when you have a little too much fun, what’s your hangover cure for the morning after.
“Jumping in the ocean! If I can't drive myself to the beach, I’ll pour whiskey, draw a bath, and watch kung-fu movies — that, or eat truffle French fries by the pool and melt under the sun. My mom always says to drink milk, but I have yet to try that one. Sounds scary.”
What’s the most useful number on you phone during your adventures (other than those of your friends and fam, of course).
“The Bell Hotline, 213-223-6101. My friend Sarah Rara from Lucky Dragons created it so you can pull up different kinds of bell sounds whenever you want. Gather up a few people, all of you make phone calls, put them on your speaker phones, and have a bell fest!”
And what’s the best thing that’s ever come from a night out in L.A.?
“Sharing unforgettable moments and having fun together inspires me infinitely. The feelings I capture from these moments always become part of what I create, especially in my lyrics. Also, ESP — my band with my brother Seiya Matsumiya and Bobby Evans — and Kassia Meador, Noot Seear, David Mushegain, and Farmer Dave Scher — formed from having fun together! In UFO 2012, we give sound bath with crystal bowls accompanied with drums. I’m currently in Byron Bay, Australia giving sound baths on the beach!”
Styled by Danielle Combs; Hair and Makeup by Liset Garza.
Vintage kimono and jumpsuit, Prada heels.
Photographed at The Spare Room, 7000 Hollywood Boulevard; 323-769-7296.

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