Are The Hamptons Ready For Boho-Chic?

When you think Hamptons fashion, a few things might come to mind—polo shirts, loafers, and pastels, perhaps? Not for long with Haute Hippie shaking things up out east, bringing their beautifully draped boho-chic wares to their first freestanding store in Southampton. The brand argues that the hippie aesthetic shares the same sophisticated, laid back elegance as the Hamptons, and we're inclined to agree. The store also serves up service that caters to both ease and luxury, with clothing and jewelry arranged by color stories and suggested outfits for easy style inspiration, as well as experienced staff and personal stylists who can help you put together the perfect ensemble for any summer soiree. If that isn't Hamptons chic, we don't know what is. In addition to their own brand of clothing, Haute Hippie also carries jewelry by Erickson Beamon and Jeanine Payer, belts by J Lynch, Havianas flip-flops and denim shorts by Current/Elliott. Looks like we've got another reason to head out east (as if we needed one).
Haute Hippie, 66 Jobs Lane (between Pond lane and South Main street); Southampton; no phone.

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