April 77 and YMC Go Cruelty Free With Badass Shoes For Good Guys

We've always fancied a sexy cowboy. You know, the big man on top of a big horse thing and all. Maybe that explains our love for the cowboy boot, especially a good, worn-in pair that looks as if it were involved in some guns-out Wild West showdown. But now all you rugged men can live dangerously without being cruel to our furry friends. Paris boutique April 77 have just launched a delicious pair of leather-free boots in collaboration with YMC. The imitation suede boots come with an imitation leather sole and all the attitude of its leather counterpart. We're excited because this is the first in whole line of cruelty-free products, wittily titled Good Guys Don't Wear Leather. Rope in your pair at www.april77.fr.

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