5 Things To Know This AM — Mar 27 2012

Atlantic City isn't all the gang-banging, gambling-on-the-street monster that Boardwalk Empire hypes it up to be. See the softer side with uber-luxe Exhale Spa's new space, Bask, in Revel Beach. (Exhale )
If you didn't make it to the Textile Exchange's Sustainable Apparel Workshop in Soho, then their case for organic cotton production is available here. Read if you have an eco-sympathetic soul. (WWD)
Is the fashion-tech industry safe from a bubble-bursting collapse? Can Gilt, Ideeli, and other e-commerce sites look forward to being scooped up by the likes of Amazon? See what one writer says about the future of the biz. (HuffPo)
Tired of hauling yourself to Honor's West Village boutique? Us, neither! Well, prop your feet up just this once because they launched their e-commerce site yesterday. (Honor)
It's not just birds that have trouble with big, glass buildings. An 83-year-old woman, Evenyln Paswall, collided with the Apple store's glass doors in Manhasset because she couldn't see them. Unlike birds, Paswall has obtained a lawyer and is suing the brand. (Gothamist)

Photo courtesy of: Exhale

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