Yes, You Can Be A Feminist & Still Love Makeup

embPhoto: Courtesy of Gabriel Rivera-Morales.
Feminism can be a tricky word to navigate these days. (Just ask Shailene Woodley.) But, in the world of beauty, some may feel the road is especially rocky. Over at The Huffington Post, Gabriela Rivera-Morales shares her side of this story as a makeup-loving daughter of a second-wave feminist who was led to believe her love of beauty products meant she was saying yes to objectification.
"I always smelled a fox in that proverbial hen house of thought," Rivera-Morales writes. "I didn't like the idea of restricting my self-expression." Because, for her, that's what makeup was (and is): a form of self-expression. Many people share her opinion about makeup — people who call themselves feminists but still love a good red lipstick. Whatever side of the debate you fall on, Rivera-Morales' personal essay is one you need to read. Check it out on The Huffington Post, and tell us: How do you feel about the relationship between feminism and beauty? (The Huffington Post)

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