What Are You Doing For #Doomsday? We’ve Got Your Booze-Filled Plans

Okay, so the end of the world as we know it is Friday; what are you going to do to guarantee that you’ll feel fine? (Sorry, we had to!) You could go with your original plan: drinking and watching Apocalypse Now (you can’t have a hangover if everything ceases to exist, right?). Or, you could seriously upgrade and get down on the dance floor at Beaumarchais.
The restaurant is hosting a dinner party at their chez in Chelsea in honor of the end of the Mayan calendar/doomsday, and it's guaranteed to be a banger. Plus, with a DJ set by Jaques Dumas, we couldn’t think of a chicer way to spend our last night on earth.
And, if we all make it through to the other side, rejoin the party at Beaumarchais for a survival brunch on Saturday (apologies in advance if you have an apocalyptic hangover). Reservations accepted by e-mailing

Beaumarchais, 409 West 13th Street (between 9th Avenue and Washington Street); 212-675-2400.

Photo: Courtesy of Beaumarchais