The Best R29-Approved Anti-Aging Creams

We may pinch pennies in other areas of our lives, but most of us are willing to put up a little more cash for the health (and beauty) of our skin. That said, there have been plenty of times when we've glanced at the price tag of an anti-aging cream and started shaking in our boots. Those jars and bottles can be expensive, which makes it hard for us to pull the trigger when it comes time to actually buy one. How can we justify throwing down that much cash if we're not even sure we're going to like what we get?
Allow us to ease your fears. We put out a call for favorites, and our staff members are sharing their top anti-aging creams. Whether these wares help plump wrinkles to make them less noticeable, visibly erase the forehead lines that make us self-conscious, or just infuse our faces with a serious dose of radiance, the 11 picks ahead are our loyal, stick-with-us-to-the-end anti-aging formulas. Click through and you may come out the other side with a favorite of your own.
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"It's a heavier cream than I normally like to use, but it soaks in beautifully. And, it has this very fancy-sounding ingredient called Okinawa red algae extract, which improves the texture of the skin, and peony extract, which allegedly aids in circulation. I have to say, the morning-after benefits are very visible, no exaggeration. My skin looks plumped and sort of dewy, like I just worked out...even if I didn't." — Christene Barberich, editor-in-chief.
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"Mine is actually an oil — Dr. Dennis Gross' Vitamin D Serum-Oil. I panic when I'm almost out of it, because no other cream has ever come close to it. It's a pore minimizer, antioxidant booster, and glow enhancer all in one. I worship it." — Susan Kaplow, executive vice president of editorial development and operations.
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"It feels like liquid air on your skin, but this lightweight foam has just as many (if not more) skin-perfecting powers than its heavier textured cousins. A few spritzes of this on your face and your complexion will be instantly smooth, dewy, and glowy. Fine lines are visibly plumped and smoothed, and skin tone is legit evened out." — Megan McIntyre, beauty director.
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"RéVive has a lovely consistency. It goes on quite thick, but it's non-greasy and gives you a dewy look. I put it on before bed about three times per week, as the price point makes it feel like a luxury. Waking up after a night of sleep with RéVive means that your skin is radiant, plump, and, well, revived." — Victoria Lampley, senior brand experiences manager.
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"Before I started using NeriumAD I was really self-conscious about my forehead wrinkles. My friends even joked that I would be the first to get Botox. After using NeriumAD for a month, I felt like myself again." — Samantha Baker, assistant to the chief revenue officer.

NeriumAD Age Defying Treatment, $110, available at NeriumAD.
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"I really believe in this moisturizer. It's light and refreshing, but super-hydrating, and just makes my skin look better. Fine lines and dark spots fade, giving me a perkier appearance overall. Also, it smells amazing." — Gabrielle Korn, assistant beauty editor.
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"Still reeling from the effects of a very long Chicago winter, my dry skin was banished by this lightweight miracle worker, which also plumped up those fine lines within a couple of weeks. Just reading the ingredient list will tell you it's a cocktail of amazing anti-aging, repairing, hydrating, and protecting ingredients. This is one grown-up moisturizer." — Rebecca Taras, Chicago editor.

G.M. Collin Phyto Stem Cell+ Cream, $116, available at G.M. Collin.
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"I'm all for a multi-use product, especially since I tend to stay in bed long after my alarm has yelled at me to get out. A swipe of RoC's cream, and I'm covered with hydration, SPF, and an added shot of radiance. You'd never be able to tell I'd only given myself 10 minutes to get ready." — Maria Del Russo, beauty writer.
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"The name says it all for this organic night treatment — it's the beauty equivalent of a proper night's sleep. Apply some on your skin and your complexion will look like you just awoke, refreshed and re-energized from a deep slumber — even if that deep slumber was more like a disco nap." — Megan McIntyre, beauty director.
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"It's anti-aging; plus, it has an SPF of 15. I'd say it's best for drier skin, since it's a heavy moisturizer, but it's totally amazing." — Lauren Kamen, director of key accounts.
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"Even if I didn't get enough sleep or had a little too much fun the night before, this cream immediately perks up my complexion. What's more, the antioxidants (pomegranate, green tea, gingko) work to fight free radicals — especially with regular use." — Rebecca Taras, Chicago editor.
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