5 Things To Know This AM — Mar 05 2012

Has the U.E.S gone boho-chic? Take a look at the new Anthropologie just opened on 72nd and 3rd. (Racked)
Martha Stewart evil-eyed Rachel Ray so badly at opposite dinner tables in Nolita that Ray took her food to go. We're calling it the Il Buco showdown. (NY Post)
There's now a Thai-inspired lobster pot pie on the menu at Beauty & Essex — it's kind of like someone crawled into our minds and put our thoughts on a plate. (Beauty & Essex)
O.G. actor, Dustin Hoffman covers T Mag's newest issue so now you can better compare and contrast how similar he looks to the guy on the Awake posters all over city bus stops. (T Mag)
Love is one thing that never goes out of style. Just ask the 95 and 98 year old couple set to get married in Brooklyn. (NY Daily News)

Photo: Via Racked