5 Things To Know This AM — Jun 27 2012

Big-name foodies have to have discerning palates and high standards, right? So, when Anthony Bourdain showed Vice his favorite NYC eateries in this (profanity-laced, per usual) video, we took note. He hit up a handful of old favorites as well as some new places and new dishes that we’re definitely going to have to try. (Hypebeast)
Staten Island isn’t exactly a mecca for tourism, but the city’s latest proposal could change that. Officials are looking into building the world’s largest ferris wheel on the island. Imagine the view from the top! (Huffington Post)
We’d travel far and wide for a good bargain, and at just two hours north of Manhattan, the Woodbury Commons outlet shops have always been one of our top shopping destinations. With hundreds of high-fashion designer retailers, it can get overwhelming. Racked scoped out the scene recently and reported back — weekend excursion, anyone? (Racked)
Peep this video of the Big Apple from 1932 (!!!) and see if you can place the buildings, skylines and scenery. While it’s mostly unrecognizable, the city’s energy is totally still there. (Animal New York)
Have you ever underestimated how long it takes to get from point A to point B? We certainly have, and unfortunately, it usually happens when we need to be as prompt as possible! Trulia commuter maps are intended to help apartment hunters find their best neighborhood fit, but we plan on using the guide to keep us on time. (Gizmodo)

Photo: Via Animal New York