One Illustrator Takes On The Real Fashion Week — The Ugly, The Embarrassing & The Petty

It's the penultimate day of Fashion Week. Your feet are more blister than actual appendage at this point, and you can't remember the last time you had a meal that wasn't consumed in front of your computer screen. To your buds who don't work the shows, Fashion Week seems like a fantasy land — and, of course, it is. But for every final walk that makes your eyes turn into hearts, and every conversation about fashion that confirms why you've made it your career, there are those dark, petty, embarrassing moments when you and those around you turn into ugly caricatures of fashion people.
We commissioned sardonic illustrator Sara Rabin, who documents the customers and pedestrians that she comes across in her daily adventures as a server at Dimes, to let the Fashion Week demons loose. Some are just silly, some hit too close to home — but let these six illustrations give you something to laugh at, since not being able to feel your toes stopped being funny two days ago.

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