6 Reasons We Chose Anne Hathaway For This Epic First

There's a pretty good chance that during your morning scroll of Refinery29 feeds today, you likely caught a glimpse of Anne Hathaway. Or, maybe, at first glance you weren't really sure it was her and had to do a double take? Mmmm, us, too. But that's what we're so completely pumped about. Today, Anne is starring in the debut of our new multimedia feature series, (Un)Cover — a fresh, fun, creatively boundary-pushing look at women who inspire us, who have something smart and vital to say about life, art, love, feminism, politics, sports, astrology, pets…you name it. We created (Un)Cover for you — to give you a chance to see and get to know the talent we all love. We didn't want to present these women in a typical magazine-cover story-way (get the pun?) — we wanted things to feel personal, prod you to think, allow you to illuminate spots in your own life, while we served it all up with the kind of beautiful, next-level imagery and fashion you know us for. Truth: Anne is promoting her new movie, The Intern, which debuts on September 24. Yup, full disclosure: This all lined up perfectly. But her film isn't just another Hollywood blockbuster — it taps into themes that touch all our lives, like the harrowing journey of launching and running a business you built with your own two hands, learning about love and loyalty in the oddest ways…the list goes on. But here are a few other reasons we want you to get psyched about (Un)Cover with Anne…
Photographed by Guy Aroch.
1. She's funny and uninhibited. Talk about leaving her inhibitions at the door for this rendition of "Wrecking Ball." In a word: fierce. 2. She's articulate and smart — and stands up for better treatment of women. [See: This response to Matt Lauer being creepy about the upskirt pics of her that leaked.] 3. She's a rule-breaker — in her style and in her profession. You can't put her in a a box as a single thing. Princess of Genovia, musical-theater star, indie actress, romantic lead…she's so much more than any of those roles. 4. She's gives theater geeks a good name. 5. She's been trolled and cyberbullied for no real reason, but is a true of example of grace under fire in her willingness to respond responsibly. And, quite frankly, we shouldn't be making "most annoying celeb" lists anyway. 6. She's a risk-taker. Umm, she gave us a shot in signing up to be our inaugural (Un)Cover girl, not quite knowing what it was going to turn into. But, like a true collaborator, she made the launch of our new feature experience way better than we imagined it could be. And we hope you feel the same.

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