We Can't Blame Him! Andrew Garfield Admits He's Crushing On Gosling

Emma Stone better watch out — it looks like her beau is about to cause quite a commotion. The Amazing Spider-Man actor stopped by The Tonight Show to promote his summer flick, but before he could get a word in about the blockbuster, Leno decided to bust his balls about a recent confession. Apparently, Garfield's got himself a "man crush" on the very talented Ryan Gosling. (Fast-forward to the four-minute mark to witness the star act bashful and admit that Gosling is an "undebatable dreamboat!")
While the admiration may seem innocent on the surface (who doesn't want to jump Gosling's bones?) we have to admit, the big reveal brings to light a Hollywood love triangle of the best kind. Garfield and Stone have been an item since Spider-Man started filming, but the actress is no stranger to romancing The Gosling. In addition to playing main squeezes in last year's Crazy Stupid Love, the duo will reunite as lovers in the upcoming Gangster Squad.
We all know Gosling gets the spidey senses tingling, but could it be that Garfield is feeling a tinge of jealousy when it comes to his GF's Gosling affair? Oh, what a tangled web we weave! (The Hollywood Reporter)
Photo: Via The Hollywood Reporter

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