Andre Leon Talley Has Bats In His Bedroom

We've always known André Leon Talley to dance to the beat of his own drum, but now we've come to find out that this drum is the sound of silence. Says the Vogue contributing editor of his Westchester home, "To me, silence is music." And so, it makes sense that Talley retreats to the country to find this solitude. That is, when he's not chasing after bats. He gushes, "Twice I have had a bat fly into my bedroom...I do not wish this experience on anyone. Nothing is more unpleasant than running screaming down the stairs, lying awake until dawn on the sofa, waiting for pest control to show up... But these are small prices to pay for peace." We hear ya! And peace, he seeks, indeed—if you're waiting for an invite to his home, you're going to wait a while, as Talley never entertains in his home, despite cutlery and china that would make any homeowner melt. Instead, Talley finds solace in shopping—at The Container Store, that is. Stars! They're kind of a little bit just like us; We, too, melt for the "new modern luggage, nylon-padded suitcases on three wheels." Although, while we also go bonkers for bins, unlike Talley we don't "splurge on special fancy paper, to wrap Whoopi Goldberg's presents," at Christmas. But at least we know where to find them come winter, or rather, where not to—we can make bets they won't be found with the porcelain at André's house. (New York Times)
Photo: Via of Chad Batka for The New York Times

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