Playgirl Will Pay You $10,000 For A Nude Pic Of Anderson Cooper

Hot on the heels of Jake Gyllenhaal's mid-stream run in with a pee paparazzi, another celebrity is in for the stalker treatment. In what we're calling the most underwhelming evaluation in history, Playgirl magazine is offering $10,000 to anyone who can supply them with a naked picture of NYC's favorite silver fox—CNN's Anderson Cooper. The magazine's spokesperson Daniel Nardicio told Popeater 's Rob Shuter that the newscaster heads up their list of 'Top 10 Guys We Want To See Naked," which will run in their March issue. "He's got this charisma that a lot of our readers are attracted to, plus now he's all muscled, [so] he's not only smart but also hot," Nardicio tells Shuter. "Both our male and female readers love Anderson." Well duh, but $10,000 is less than Levi Johnston scored, and we all know Cooper's left nipple is worth at least 10 of Johnston's, well, you know.