DIY Diva: Style Tips For Aspiring American Idol Superstars

Confession: American Idol remains one of our favorite guilty pleasures. But one thing with the long-running show always bothered us. While you can train your voice for years in preparation for a championship run, no one's there providing pre-diva style tips. All of Idol's visual upgrades happen after they ship the kids to L.A., so aspiring champs have to face those crucial, early rounds on their own. This, we cannot condone.
Believing that all hopefuls should have a strong idea of what to wear before they step into their off-the-street audition (and because we're tired of seeing pink tube-tops in the early rounds) we compiled this style primer perfect for songstresses dreaming of Idol glory.
You know we're more It Girl than dazzling diva, so we invited one of our favorite sponsors, OPI, to hook us up with some nail polishes that offer the right amount of showbiz glitz. Their suggestion, naturally, was the new Mariah Carey by OPI lacquer collection — a mix of luxe colors and Mariah-level sparkle that will guarantee an approving nod from a certain, sultry-voiced judge.
So, whether you're one of the lucky few who's already working their way through the rounds this season, or a girl with stars in her eyes dreaming of next year, we've got your ideal Idol looks from audition to season finale for you inside our slideshow. Oh, and remember to vote for your favorite outfit, because casting a digital ballot for the best look automatically enters you to win a Mariah Carey by OPI liquid sand™ mini-pack. Beats Idol's 1-800 numbers, right?

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