American Apparel Wants To Design The U.S. Olympic Team Uniforms

I see London, I see France, I see ... Dov Charney making Russian Olympians' pants? While controversy continues to surround Ralph Lauren's decision to outsource Team U.S.A.'s wares, American Apparel has apparently been in discussion to produce Russia's team uniforms for the '14 Olympic Games. The largest U.S.-based clothing manufacturer began conversations with the country in '11 and is still working out the details surrounding the possibility of their warm-ups and outfits containing a "Made In U.S.A." tag.
While Russia's decision to collaborate with the L.A.-based clothing company was rooted in exploring non-Chinese methods of production, head honcho Dov claims the U.S. Olympic Committee has never even approached his company about making U.S. Olympic team uniforms.
Not that it's too late for that to change — Fashionista spoke with a rep from the company, who claimed that American Apparel could churn out uniforms and ship them to London within seven days. Funny that when Congress got together, one senator suggested lighting fire to our Chinese-produced outfits, but no one thought to rush produce goods right here at home. For all of those bikinis and babes, Dov sure does have one hell of a business-oriented mind. (NY Post)

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