The $490 Serum This YouTuber Uses As Hand Moisturizer

From Chapstick and perfume to sentimental trinkets, we carry our entire lives in our handbags. In Spill It, our favorite trendsetters show and tell their bare necessities and beauty secrets — both the practical and the personal.
Amber Scholl is far from falling under the label of "one note." If you go through her YouTube channel, which has over 3 million subscribers, you'll see that she isn't afraid to experiment. From parodies to making a dress out of trash bags, you never know what to expect from her. But, there is one label that she is happy to claim: being extra.
When Refinery29 asked her to give us a closer look into her purse, she brought the best bag for the job. "This bag correlates with my style, mostly because it's really extra, and that's me," she says of her colorful tote.
So, what's inside? In addition to gum, which she jokes is just in case she runs into Harry Styles on the street, you can find a ton of beauty goodies. From Fenty Beauty's Diamond Bomb to La Mer The Concentrate, you'd be surprised how these products come in handy for the YouTube star. She even has Krazy Glue at the ready to fix a broken nail.
Discover more about the essentials Scholl carries in the video above.

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