4 Real Londoners, Infinite Must-Steal Beauty Secrets—Copy ‘Em All!

Between KMid's nose, Cara's statement brows, Georgia May's pillowy pout, and Rosie's, er, everything, the Brits are having a bit of a beauty moment right now (to which we say: about bloody time). And why shouldn't we be? We've got some of the best spas and salons in the world, fine department stores stocked with every beauty brand imaginable, and more supermodels than you can shake a stick at. Take that, Paris.
But, perhaps the biggest thing the London beauty scene has going for it is its growing diversity. It's no longer just about the English rose archetype — though, don't get us wrong, we're still serious suckers for flushed cheeks and flawless skin — but rather, a celebration of all the wonderful cultures and styles that call the Big Smoke home. Natural. Multicultural. Glam. Punk. Chelsea chic. Shoreditch street. Freckles, feline eyes, and 'fros? Yes, yes, and yes.
With that in mind, we've tapped four lovely Londoners to take us through their beauty routines, share their favourite local primping spots and products, and illustrate just how alluring and definition-defying the city is becoming. When it comes to giving good face, each gal marches to the beat of her own drum, and we're just happy to come along for the ride.
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