Put Your Aching Muscles Out Of Their Misery With These Prime Early Access Deals on Theraguns

I don't know about you, but I've spent the last two years developing some serious aches and pains (she writes, hunched over her laptop on the couch from her terrible WFH setup). The inevitable tech neck from neverending phone scrolling combined with the daily stress of living through "unprecedented times" has left my muscles in knots, so much so that my doctor even recommended getting a weekly massage. But the reality of a masseuse working on my tension-filled muscles once a week sounds like a lofty (and pricey) dream. Thankfully, as a part of their Prime Early Access Sale, Amazon is here to rescue my sore neck with discounts on an incredible solution — custom pressure and speed massage any time I want it via the physiotherapist-recommended Theragun.

Viewed as an alternative to a $100+ weekly massage, the price tag of many high-end massagers suddenly doesn't seem so crazy. In fact, they can pay for themselves in a few uses if you keep up with it. But if it's still (understandably!) too much to fork over, now is the perfect time to pull the trigger. Below, check out the 15 best deals on Theraguns (and some other massage gun alternatives) available during Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale that will work for every budget. Grab them now before they're gone!
Best For: Massages On The Go

The Hype: 4.8 out of 5 stars; 5,244 reviews on Amazon

What They're Saying: “I have become an unpaid salesman for this product. Theragun should pay me money for the number of people I show this to and give free demos! Amazing power [for something so small] and feels so good.” - Amazon Reviewer
Best For: Fast-Acting Relief

The Hype: 4.6 out of 5 stars; 3,888 reviews on Amazon

What They're Saying: "After just 5 minutes of using it I can literally feel my sore and tired muscles healing and feeling better. Sore shoulder and neck that hurts with every movement? Virtually gone after 5-10 minutes with the Theragun. Sore legs? Easily massaged out in 5 minutes. I also always hurt my hip flexors in Jiu Jitsu...welp, the Theragun fixed that in one night. It's amazing!" - Amazon Reviewer
Best For: Treat Yourself Splurge

The Hype: 4.7 out of 5 stars; 2,139 reviews on Amazon

What They're Saying: “This thing is magical. When it is on you you can’t even see it hit your skin as its rate is so high and it spends more time contracting than on the skin and your eyes perceive it floating... Our previous instrument was a thumper and there is absolutely no comparison here — Theragun is an improvement in every way (no itchiness, balanced in hand, easy to massage oneself, powerful in the right way... therapeutic).” -Amazon Reviewer
Best For: Power Without Pain

The Hype: 4.8 out of 5 stars; 1,480 reviews on Amazon

What They're Saying: "This unit is worth every penny. I am glad they now sell the 90 watt plus. We fell in love with the 60 watt but this is over the top. I didn't realize you can have something this strong go right to the bone and break up tension and still not kill you with pain. The cushioned heads are gentle enough you can work your face, cheeks and temples for migraines and sinus pressure, and the firmer tips destroy muscle cramps and tension on the harder muscle groups." - Amazon Reviewer
Best For: Smaller Hands

The Hype: 4.7 out of 5 stars; 2,060 reviews on Amazon

What They're Saying: "Love this product. works as well as the HyperVolt at seemingly half the weight. Being a female, I also appreciate the smaller handle and the fact that you can control the speed right at the handle as you are holding it." - Amazon Reviewer

20% Off FlyBy F1 Pro, $74.97 $59.98

Best For: Quiet Massage

The Hype: 4.4 out of 5 stars; 15,824 reviews on Amazon

What They're Saying: “My husband and I are both professional Licensed Massage Therapists. We work with a different brand of massage gun at our job. I bought this for my husband for his birthday in hopes it would be 'sufficient' for when we aren't at work and able to use the other brand. Well, we are both SUPER pleased with this purchase! It is pretty quiet while still delivering a powerful percussive therapeutic application. We have already used it multiple times to help each other with aches and pains and it has been tremendously helpful. I have already recommended this product to others I know!” - Amazon Reviewer

40% Off FlyBy F2 Pro, $84.99 $50.99

Best For: Quick Pain Relief

The Hype: 4.6 out of 5 stars; 2,176 reviews on Amazon

What They're Saying: “This is a gift for a friend who limped in last week with lingering sciatic nerve pain. He had tried a masseuse, sitting with tennis ball under thigh, ice, heat, OTC pain meds, etc... I handed him my FLYBY massager to try and his pain disappeared in about 5 minutes! I was shocked and wouldn't have believed it on an infomercial, in a review or even word of mouth recommendation but I saw his recovery with my own eyes! He was so thankful and mobile. Described relief as the feeling of an asleep limb regaining blood flow and feeling normal again. Can't ask for more than that.” - Amazon Reviewer
Best For: Customer Service

The Hype: 4.6 out of 5 stars; 19,275 reviews on Amazon

What They're Saying: "For muscle spasms I was able to learn how to use this massage gun within ten minutes effectively. It destroys the spasm when you use the deep trigger point main pturpose of getting this masage gun there are different tips with detailed instructions on what they are for. The other one just did not have it. This one also comes with a 24 hour customer service number." - Amazon Reviewer
Best For: Battery Life

The Hype: 4.7 out of 5 stars; 12,307 reviews on Amazon

What They're Saying: "I've been through a few of these percussion massagers, and others have not held up: they either had poor battery life, or fell apart, or were loud. This one is as close to perfect as you can get! Battery life is really good, it operates quietly, has a nice LCD display to tell you what mode you're in and the battery remaining, comes with a good assortment of attachment heads, and it is AMAZING! Like a lot of people I suppose, I carry a lot of stress and tension in my shoulders and upper back. For work days, having this around to just give myself a quick massage is excellent!" - Amazon Reviewer
Best For: The Whole Family (Even Pets!)

The Hype: 4.6 out of 5 stars; 24,912 reviews on Amazon

What They're Saying: “Love this machine. Works to relieve pain and tension all over body. Easy to use and compact. It holds a charge for a long time. I purchased 4 of these for family members. The cat even loves it. We can't get her to leave us alone when we have it out.” - Amazon Reviewer

60% Off DDVWU Massage Gun, $249.99, $99.98

Best For: Chronic Pain

The Hype: 4.8 out of 5 stars; 2,931 reviews on Amazon

What They're Saying: “I was recommended for the gun by my local Physical Therapy clinician who said it is the "best of the best." I'd recommend this for anyone with chronic pain...mine is in the lower back. I can use this alone and it really works to loosen up those tight knots. It has variable 'speeds' which is essentially the level of percussion, and it is entirely within your control.” - Amazon Reviewer
Best For: Daily Use

The Hype: 4.6 out of 5 stars; 4,534 reviews on Amazon

What They're Saying: “Hands down the best thing I’ve bought this year. I work in the petroleum industry so it’s very taxing on the body. I saw one of my coworkers using it frequently and decided I should give it a try. Let me tell you this has changed my life. I use this almost every night after work and I recommend anyone who has a physically demanding job, an athlete or someone who has been interested in the massage gun but hasn’t bought one yet. You will not be disappointed.” - Amazon Reviewer
Best For: Smaller Muscle Groups

The Hype: 4.6 out of 5 stars; 10,282 reviews on Amazon

What They're Saying: “Oh my gosh, this did what two doctor's visits, muscle relaxants and pain meds couldn't! I am so impressed. I tweaked my neck and could hardly turn my head; acupuncture, massage, doctors and meds didn't help. I was desperate...this did the trick. It is an absolute miracle. If you're on the fence, get it. It is SO worth it.” - Amazon Reviewer
Best For: Using With A Friend

The Hype: 4.8 out of 5 stars; 373 reviews on Amazon 

What They're Saying: “My right shoulder has several knots all the time, pinched nerves constantly from 22yrs of physical work. I absolutely love this massager and my wife does as well. Now we are constantly fighting who will massage who.” - Amazon Reviewer
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