6 Alternative Rehearsal Dinners We’d LOVE To Be Invited To

Illustrated by Elliot Salazar.
Going to a wedding this year? Or, perhaps you’re the blushing bride-to-be? Regardless, if you’re involved in a wedding or two (or ten), chances are you might be attending a rehearsal dinner. Everyone loves a free meal, but there’s no rulebook that says restaurant rehearsal dinners are a must. While the traditional sit-down soiree is nice, attending a rehearsal dinner with a memorable, fresh twist is a fun way to celebrate the couple (not to mention, it’s a breath of fresh air for the guests).

So, let’s start thinking outside the restaurant box, shall we? If we were attending a rehearsal dinner this summer, we’d be thrilled to find out it had a fun theme or activity. Here are six alternative ideas that brides, grooms, and wedding guests alike will love...

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