Save 50% Off These Guy-Friendly Buys For Your Main Squeeze

Let’s be honest: the content on this site leans towards chicks. But just in time for Val's Day, we've got a 50% off sale for the other 50%! No, you’re not reading those numbers wrong—man-centric Melrose store Alpha is giving you half-off off its merch starting this Friday...for the first time ever! The shop’s clearing up room for new stock, so use their spring clean to your advantage!
Alpha, whose motto is “gear for gents,” is seriously slashing prices on everything. From Gypsy05 clothing to Native boots, to bags and cases from the limited Ace/Incase collection, street savvy urban gear is yours for the taking. Lest the ladies need to snatch something up for themselves, too, there’s plenty of unisex loot available—think neon headphones and mega fun chalkboard candles. And everyone, here’s an upside to being an R29 reader: the first day of the sale is exclusive to you only!
When: January 20 until stock runs out.
Where: Alpha, 8654 Melrose Avenue (at North Doheny Drive); 310-855-0775.
Photo: Via Alpha.

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