5 Things To Know This AM — Jul 18 2012

We wish that our childhood playgrounds had been studded with this rad installation art piece, courtesy of Brooklyn-based artist, Olek. It's so good, it will literally leave you in knots. (Flavorwire)
It's important to impart a fashion education at an early age, especially if it's coming from the Head of Creative for one of the most famed design houses, right? Learn which mother of two has launched her first childrenswear fashion blog and where to follow her style and maternal musings. (George and Ruby)
Ever wonder what it's like to slip into the stilettos of a supermodel? RSVP to claim your FREE seat for the film screening of About Face: Supermodels Then And Now, a fascinating documentary about some of the world's legendary models and what it means to age in an industry built on selling youth. (Film Linc)
If you're having a serious case of wanderlust, with a desire to throw your wardrobe in the trunk of your car and hit Route 66, you can channel your would-be summer adventures by tracking the cross-country progress, and Gant-clad style, of two lucky travelers. (GantRugger/Twitter)
Foodies, this one's for you: The Vendy Awards are only two months away! Nominate your favorite food vendors and buy your early bird ticket now. We're confident they'll be gone before you can say "halal truck." (Gothamist)
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Photo: Via Flavorwire