The Ultimate Guide To Alexa Hacks: All The Things She Can Do Besides Tell You What Time It Is

Amazon's Alexa contains multitudes. Today, Alexa can perform more than 90,000 skills and counting. Did you know you can ask her to remember where you put your wallet? Didn't think so. Ahead, here are all the things Alexa can do besides play "thank u, next."

Organization Hacks

Remember This: Need to remember a friend's birthday? Or like, what time your doctor's appointment is? Just tell Alexa, and she'll remind you once you inevitably forget.
Reminders & To-Do Lists: If you need a daily reminder to take your vitamins, just ask Alexa to do it. Or if you need to add a task to a to-do list, she can do that as well.
Set up Routines: You can connect your smart devices to Alexa and then set up custom Routines in the Alexa app — like "movie night," which can dim your lights and get Netflix going without you having to touch a button. The options are literally endless.
Alexa Skill Blueprints: With Amazon-created templates, you can create any skill you need — from tracking a family chore chart to building your ideal workout routine.

Amazon Music Hacks

Song ID: When you say “Alexa, turn on Song ID,” Alexa will announce the song and artist name before the song is played.
Conversational Recommendations: Ask "Alexa, what should I play?" and in response, she'll ask a few questions to understand what you're in the mood to hear before playing a recommendation.
New Release Notifications: When you say "Alexa, follow Ariana Grande," you can follow her (or any other artist) and get notified whenever she drops new music, either on the Amazon Music mobile app or with a yellow light ring on your Amazon Echo.
Likes/Dislikes: Say “Alexa, I like this song," and she'll remember your preferences for future requests. Same goes for dislikes!
Create & Add To Playlist: You can say “Alexa, add this song to my workout playlist” or even ask her to create a new playlist entirely.
Music Alarms: If you have a favorite song of the moment, you can ask Alexa to wake you up with it instead of your generic alarm. And when all else fails, just tell Alexa to "play something I haven't heard in a while." She'll deliver.

Smart Home Hacks

Away Lighting: Even if nobody's home, Alexa can make it look like the house isn't empty by turning on connected smart lights and switches while you're away.
Security System Integration: Alexa Guard lets you use hands-free voice arming/disarming of Ring, ADT Pulse, and ADT Control security systems.
Smart Alerts: With Alexa Guard, when you say "Alexa, I'm leaving," you switch to Away mode. If while you are gone, Alexa detects the sound of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, or glass breaking, she'll send you a Smart Alert with an audio clip for your review. You can also drop in on your Echo to investigate what's occurring in your home from wherever you are.

All The Other Fun Stuff Alexa Can Do

1. “Alexa, tell one more bedtime story." (For when you're sick of reading to your kids.)
2. "Alexa, play Song Quiz." (Also works for Jeopardy!)
3. "Alexa, turn on my sleep machine" or "Alexa, play calming sounds."
4. "Alexa, flip a coin."
5. "Alexa, what's my commute going to be like this morning?" or "Alexa, when is the next train coming?"
6. “Alexa, tune my guitar.”
7. "Alexa, water my yard." (Only if you have the Rachio sprinkler system.)

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