5 Things To Know This AM — May 03 2012

The newest book from photographer Alex MacLean is Up on the Roof, and profiles the extravagances and eccentricities of New York building-toppers. Snapped from a helicopter, the resulting bird's-eye perspective abstracts the otherwise secret settings into compelling, geometrical images. Bonus: Names and locations are included for all the city's tip-top roof-top pools! (NYTimes)
Move it football head! This apartment is a dead-ringer for that fabled boarding house bedroom from Hey Arnold! The nostalgia is almost overwhelming. (Curbed NY)
It's a post-Tupac-hologram world, and the MoMA's feeling the changes. Creative high schoolers (under gentle direction from MoMA) put together a "wearable technology fashion show" that included a video-projected dress –– in time for spring parties! Just be sure to have an outlet on hand. (MoMA)
Say what!? Dollar deals on local brews could be a thing of the past –– regional beers are about to weather a price increase after new taxes take hold. (Gothamist)
The Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Alexis Bittar has an updated retail site. Raise your hand if you're shopping baubles from bed this weekend! (Alexis Bittar)
Photo: Via New York Times