Keep Your Kids Away From These Alcoholic Juice Boxes

Go ahead and cancel all your weekend plans because after reading this, we're sure you'll be rerouting your night around Soho's Anchor Bar. Not only does the Rafael de Cardenas-designed bar play host to celebs like Lady Gaga and Kanye West, but starting this summer, the Soho spot will add cocktail juice boxes to their extensive drink menu. As if the concept of a spiked juice box isn't enough for you, they also have the best names ever. "Cigarette and a Hall Pass" (like in those '80s movies where everyone smokes in the bathrooms and no one gets caught) sounds like the most badass of the bunch, composed of Tequila and Grenadine in an orange juice box, while "The Hall Monitor" lives up to its goodie-goodie (read: sweet) name with Kanon vodka, elderflower liqueur, and a lemonade juice box. We love the idea of this grown-up version of a kiddy klassic classic and can't wait to see and be seen trying them out. Enjoy your juicy drinks, kids, and don't forget to sip responsibly!
The Anchor Bar, 310 Spring Street (at Renwick Street); 212-463-7406

Photo Courtesy of STUNTMANpr