5 Things To Know This AM — Aug 01 2011

Al Jazeera's English channel launched at midnight today on Time Warner Cable in NYC. Fox News, you ready? (Huffington Post)
The Smurfs movie garnered major loot this weekend at the box office. We hear it's not so good, so we're attributing its success to the Big Apple setting. (New York Times)
How creepy are the new Crest ads in Columbus Circle? Is it just us or do they look like anti-tobacco commercials? (Gothamist)
We couldn't be more excited for Britney Spears' concert here on Friday, and we can't wait to see her looking like this. (Daily Mail UK)
What would Michael Corleone say? Al Pacino's daughter Julie Marie Pacino was arrested during the weekend near Washington Street for drunk-driving and smoking marijuana. (Perez Hilton)