The Craziest Airbnb Listing That You Can Stay In For Free

If you have anxiety about getting stuck on a tarmac, look away now. But, some of us have dreams. Dreams of sleeping overnight in a gigantic commercial plane at an airport — all by ourselves. And, the Dutch airline KLM is making that a reality. From November 28 through 30, it's converting one of its fully functioning jets in the Netherlands into a hip, livable loft. And, you can win one of those nights for free on Airbnb.
Of course, it's a special listing (after all, there are 8 bathrooms), so there have to be some "special rules." First off, you can't fly. You can't use the inflatable emergency slide. And, there's absolutely no marshmallow roasting in the jet engines. What a bunch of killjoys!
Though, we definitely could ignore the downsides if they just added an on-call flight-attendant service and complimentary peanuts. Either way, it would no doubt be something to cross off the bucket list. And, if you don't win one of the three treasured spots and still hanker for a grounded-flight stay — you can always just customize your own winged abode. A guy in Portland has done all the legwork for you.