This Plane Is Someone’s House

boeing-727Photo: Courtesy of
For some, a dream home means beach-front property. For others, it's just about that washer and dryer in the basement. For Bruce Campbell, the fantasy is relaxing in his very own cozy Boeing 727. Make that the reality. Indeed, this 62-year-old former engineer lives in a remodeled commercial airplane in the woods outside Portland.
Since purchasing the out-of-commission aircraft in 1991, he's been busy remodeling it to its current glory — a fully functioning residence with a shower and kitchen. And, he's so devoted to his plane that he created a site to answer any questions about the project, such as its total square feet (1,066), if he had trouble with zoning and building codes (Oregon seems pretty chill), and if he's an old nerd (he definitely thinks so). There's just one last thing we'd love to see: The look on lost hikers' faces when they happen upon his doorstep. (This Is Colossal)

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