What Makes You Happy? Let Advanced Style's Valerie & Jean Tell You

The perfect cocktail. Making your train before the doors slam shut. Finding a quarter on the ground. These things probably provide you some level of gleeful satisfaction, and according to Valerie and Jean, better known as The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas of Ari Cohen's Advanced Style blog, are the things that make life worthwhile. Cohen has teamed up with Van She to create a series of "Idea of Happiness" videos, where some of his favorite ladies talk about what makes them happy, set to the soothing tunes of Van She's latest album Idea of Happiness.
In Cohen's first video, Val and Jean sport sunnies, stripes, and some killer hats while romping around NYC in an adorable mini-photo shoot, reminding us that any setting — yes, even the Midtown high-rises — can be the right setting for a little display of fashion exuberance. Sure, Jean jokes that, for older people, "getting up in the morning makes you happy. You've made it through another night," but we also dig that Jean's happiness is "when nothing's overdue, when I've met all my deadlines, when all the bills are paid, and I have leftover money." We hear ya one that one!
Van She will begin its brief U.S. tour this week, hitting NYC on Saturday, October 13, Los Angeles on Wednesday, October 17, and San Francisco on Saturday, October 20. Check out Ari Cohen x Van She's first video for some feel-good music and style inspiration.
Image: Via Modular Person

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