A Google Gal Shares Her Get-Gorgeous Tips

After scanning our cabinet of (makeup) curiosities, all we could do was let out a big sigh of frustration. An overcrowded smorgasbord of expired products and impulse purchases — no, thank you! So, we enlisted the help of a local beauty — whose glowing skin alone makes us envious — to kick our routine back into gear.
We're talking about none other than Google shopping editor and blogging babe, Adelle McElveen. Her flawless skin, killer locks, upbeat personality, and quirky style all play a big part in what makes this girl so rad. So, we paid a visit to her Mission abode to get the 411 on everything from her crystal-clear complexion to her no-frills makeup mantra. Get ready to peruse McElveen's glorious beauty shelves, and walk away with a handful of new knowledge.

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