Don’t Plan Your Bachelorette Party At This Gay Bar Or You’ll Get The Boot!

One thing's for certain when wedding season strikes — a slew of bachelorette parties inundate our local watering holes. With their neon-colored wigs and penis-shaped straws, the invasion of sauced-up bridesmaids can sometimes get on our nerves. (But don't think for a second that we're opposed to the send-off shindigs completely. Remember our badass roundup of bride-to-be itineraries?)
As it turns out, we're not the only ones who feel this way. Some local bars are doing a little more than just complaining about the over-the-top bashes. Specifically, The Abbey, one of our fave gay bars in WeHo, is taking a stand, although, not exactly for the obvious reasons.
They're turning away the pre-nup parties for political reasons, claiming that the bashes rub the ability of straight folks to get hitched in the faces of the gay community. The establishment now requires that ladies remove all bridal-party regalia should they wish to celebrate there. The new rule comes on the heels of the gay-marriage ban in North Carolina (boo!) and Obama's declaration of support for same-sex unions (yahoo!).
With a consistent ranking as one of the best gay bars in the world and with Pride right around the corner, we're sure The Abbey can afford to stiffen up their door policy...but we have to say, our next-stay-in-town bach bash will suffer as a result. What do you think though? Is this a brilliant form of protest or a risky way to lose business?

Photo: Via Gawker