A Nightclub That Opens At 4 A.M., WWD Gets Social, And The Craziest Hoarder Ever

The new late-night hot-spot is now My Friend's Place in Noho. Though the site may have gotten busted, we have a feeling it will be back, probably around 6a.m. (Grub Street)
WWD just launched a social media column, appropriately named "Social Studies." While they're a bit late in the game, we have a feeling they'll have no problem catching up. (WWD)
Monica Canilao's solo exhibit in Brooklyn is a neat-freaks worst nightmare and a hoarder's fantasy. (Animal New York)
Cameron Diaz is not letting A-Rod out of her site. Clingy never works honey. (New York Post)
Christie's tried to sell naked Kate Moss pictures, and they, uh, couldn't. (Huffington Post)

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