A New, Jumbo Sephora Opens In Meatpacking—Today!

New Yorkers, your prayers have been answered. Well, not really, but the new Sephora opening today in the Meatpacking district is still pretty cool. You're probably thinking, 'Great another over-sized store in an already saturated part of the city.' Our thoughts exactly, until we realized Sephora has pulled out all the stops this time around, offering unique products and services exclusive to this location. Set on the corner of 13th and Ninth Avenue, the new boutique will offer mobile checkout (because, you know, we New Yorkers are always in a hurry), a wall of foundation colors (choosing that perfect shade has never been so simple), complimentary express services or full-on customized makeup application at their Beauty Art Studio, and, our personal favorite, a slew of incredible international products that are almost impossible to find in the U.S.. We can't lie, we're pretty stoked about Sephora in the MPD. Only the best for our beloved NYC!
Sephora, 21-27 Ninth Avenue (at 13th Street), 212-510-7941
Image courtesy of Sephora