A Limited-Edition Cocktail, Manhattan’s First Target, and Anna Wintour Really Dislikes Jamaican Food

Manhattan's first Target is set to open on Sunday at 8am. Get set to expect more and pay less. (Racked)
A high school teacher was banned from teaching after taking students to Cuba to meet prostitutes. We think this teacher needs a time out. (The Cut)
If you can't get enough of Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and George, you'll probably want to check out the top ten Seinfeld locations in NYC. (Guest of a Guest)

Anna Wintour
is campaigning against Miss Lily's, a Jamaican restaurant that is attempting to open near the ice queen's townhouse. We didn't think she disliked food this much. (Gawker)

City Hall is undergoing a $106 million renovation. Talk about big bucks. (Gothamist)
The Oak Bar in NY's Plaza Hotel is servin' up the Mel 'Bipolar' Gibson Cocktail. People)