Where To Go To The Bathroom In Soho

You're in the middle of trying on APC jeans at their boutique on Greene Street when all of sudden the urge comes on. We're not talking about shoplifting, but rather that inevitable post-Frappuccino or Mimosa need to, err, relieve yourself. If you're like us, your bladder isn't huge, meaning finding a place to pee (or number two) takes precedent over buying those skinnies. To combat the frantic search for the nearest W.C., Textbook, the popular blog from John Jannuzzi, has made a map of where to go to the bathroom in Soho. The 12-spot cheat-sheet ranges from a fancy loo at The Crosby St. Hotel to an air-conditioned spot in Bloomies. We suggest printing this out before your next shopping trip, just be careful when unfolding in case someone thinks you have a weird golden shower fetish.